Welcome to my studio.

WELCOME, Sister Sojourners!
I am delighted you have arrived to emBODIED. I opened this studio in Autumn 2015 after escaping an emotionally abusive marriage becoming homeless.

After living in the “Sanctuary”, a women’s shelter, for a year-and-a half I am now housed. This studio became my artistic Sanctuary.. a place to house my personal creative practices that helped me deal and heal.

While homeless, I realized my BODY is my home. So I continue to explore body wisdom. How do I FEEL joy and beauty? How can I create a handcrafted life based on what my body knows.

My intention in sharing my story is to inspire and encourage women who are reclaiming their lives like me.

If you have walked through the fire of struggle/abuse/ trauma
this SPACE is for YOU.

If you are sitting inside a fire of challenge right now
this SPACE is for YOU.

Please enjoy these ritual offerings of emBODIED practices
to celebrate your Beauty and Body truth. To encourage you.

I offer you Peace. I offer you Love. I see your Beauty. Please allow me to hear your story.

My wisdom comes from an inner source.
I honor that source in you.

Love, YeYe


In celebration of Autumn

the Season when it all began🍥🍂



May the beauty I see mirror the beauty in you.

I want to speak and comprehend words of wounding
without having these words become the landscape where I dwell.
~Terry Tempest Williams

Please feel free to Email Me at jojacksonstudio@gmail.com 

these practices are for general information
and not to replace professional care