Welcome to my studio.

I opened this studio in Autumn 2015 after escaping an emotionally abusive marriage becoming homeless. I currently live in a women’s shelter awaiting affordable housing. This studio is a place to document the creative practices that help me heal.  My intention in sharing publicly is to inspire and encourage others who are reclaiming their lives like me. Creativity fosters deep healing….please join me.




September 2014 brought a traumatic challenge into my life.
I thought learning how to paint would help. And when I saw this amazing video of Flora Bowley painting it moved my heart to tears. There was a profound visceral YES!

So I painted. And, yes, it helped in a deep way.
Then just for fun, I began to incorporate my “loves” into my paintings.
Fabric, threads, buttons, paper clips, poetry, etc.
Ah! The joy of discovering mixed-media.

So, like many before me, the healing attributes of creativity were discovered and experienced. Painting, poetry and more were added into my personal medicine bag.

Then September 2015 brought me to a difficult life decision. I know it was due to my practices that I needed to “Bloom True” like Flora says.

It is my delight , to share these practices with you that are empowering me to heal, grow and live. May you be inspired to join me in this on-going discovery and begin your personal creative practice or continue with a spirit of renewal.

May you be encouraged to set your own intentions for living a creative life.

In celebration of Autumn

the Season when it all began🍥🍂



May the beauty I see mirror the beauty in you.

I want to speak and comprehend words of wounding
without having these words become the landscape where I dwell.
~Terry Tempest Williams

Please feel free to Email Me at jojacksonstudio@gmail.com 

these practices are for general information
and not to replace professional care