Balancing our emotions

Sometimes after trauma we experience emotions that can be overwhelming. While this is normal, here is a body practice that can restore balance so our emotions don’t get ahead of us. It is so simple we can do it while waiting in line or before drifting off to sleep. Curious?

Finger holds. Yes, holding each finger for a minute or two releases the energy of strong emotions. The theory is that each finger has a meridian that is connected with different organs of the body.

Let’s start with the THUMB. This is where we hold grief. Wrap the thumb with the fingers of the opposite hand. Hold. Breathe. Feel a pulsing? Ahh. Calm arrives.

Finger holds do not repress our emotions. The practice supports our body’s ability to restore balance.

For further study refer to Trauma Healing and Transformation by Patricia Cane, Ph.D


2 thoughts on “Balancing our emotions

  1. Thanks for the wonderful suggestion Jo. I always love all your suggestions…they truly help me! I have been incorporating a lot of breathing that Cathy Murphy has shown us, so I will add the finger holds to my relaxing practice. I miss seeing you, but you have been in my thoughts and prayers. I am taking a break from being at the Healing Well so I can focus on myself and my family. Life caught up with me and I need to re-focus and re-align myself. God bless you and peace be with you always! Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. Love, Pat


    1. Thank you, Pat. I wondered about you as I have been missing your presence. Lovely decision, though. I applaud self-care that connects with others. Watch for the rest of the finger holds. It is gratifying to know it helps. Keep me in your prayers and hello to Alice for me. Love, Jo


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