Finger holds


Let’s finish up finger holds.

The middle finger is for anger and rage. I suppose that’s why the tendency to “flip people off” happens. Instead of letting anger get out of control, hold on!

The ring finger is for anxiety. I often see folks twisting their rings. Unnecessary worry can be discharged. Breathe in peace, exhale and let go.

The small finger is for self-esteem especially when feeling like a victim  which is common for traumatized people. Holding the small finger is a remedy to release any lingering feelings of unworthiness and replace them with self-love and appreciation. Hold the small finger for a couple of minutes and recite your positive qualities.

Remember, this practice is not intended to suppress or deny feelings. Our feelings can be valuable teachers. Finger holds are designed to prevent feelings from becoming overwhelming so we don’t add more energy to them. We neither suppress nor add excess. We observe.

This allows us to be empowered rather than disabled.

May you have peace.



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