Monthly Archives: February 2016

Self Blessing

Whenever  I start to hear the trauma “talking” and anxiety arises I do a simple body blessing. Place your hands over your heart. Speak tenderly towards yourself whispering words of loving kindness. “It’s alright, dear one”. “Yes. I know. That was stressful. It’s safe now, my sweet”. Honestly, I felt funny doing this at first. After awhile though I noticed the benefits. Try it. Let me know.


Flower Essence

I love the idea of digesting flowers. Connecting with nature in this intimate way is very healing for me. Currently, I am taking a Bach Flower Remedy called Star of Bethlehem. It addresses trauma, shock and loss.

Also, I am using Grief, a blend created by Blessed Flower Essences.  This soothes the painful feelings associated with loss and undesired change.

They are easy to use. Just simply put a drop or two in your regular drinking water.



Be Bold/Befriend

imageTaking good care of ourselves in the wake of trauma often involves being bold. I am very accustomed of taking care of others. It took some courage to shift this mindset. Self care and comfort actually invokes good feelings. This counteracts negative feelings often associated with trauma. Be bold. When negative feelings become overwhelming do something loving towards yourself. A bath. A walk. A massage. All of these are creative acts of kindness. Do for yourself what you might do for a friend. Enjoy befriending yourself. I am!