Monthly Archives: September 2016

New Moon

Today is the day to set intentions. What dreams do you have that lie beneath your surface like seeds below the earth?

Enjoy this movement practice to support your growth.

Hold your hands in prayer position at your heart.

Listen deeply to the whispers of your heart.

Stretch your arms out to the side while saying “I open my heart”.

Pause. Breathe. Imagine the seed holding your dream inside.

Bring your hands back to your heart and cross them there.

Breathe. Imagine your dream growing inside ready to open into a flower

Now if you choose paint a flower in your journal and write your dream down.





Autumn is my favorite season. Watching the leaves change colors and then letting go of their hold on the branch teaches us so much about the life cycles of change. My focus for this season is on letting go of self criticism and embracing self acceptance. This quality is so important for healing. Will you join me in deepening this practice?



Autumn Equinox

I just returned from four months in the mountains with limited, if any, wi-fi. Just  in time to celebrate my one year of launching this blog last Autumn. I love the change of seasons. They teach us about the rhythms of life.  There are dynamic cycles to everything, including healing from trauma. We are resilient. We change. We let go like autumn leaves. I am letting go of self-criticism. What about you?