Monthly Archives: February 2017

Taking a stand

In my earlier days of recovery sometimes even getting out of bed required so much from me. I decided to make it a practice called “taking a stand”. Swinging my legs over the bed I would softly encourage myself to take a stand for my healing. Then when I stood up I was intentional about it…making this movement count for personal power. After I stood, I took my time to acknowledge myself. Breathe. Ease into the day.

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Four Elements

Nature is always a reliable healing presence for me.

I often include some reference to it in my writing.

Writing prompt: Complete this phrase “and I will”…..with a statement inspired by each of the four elements, one per line.

Earth, Water, Fire, Air.

Full permission for artistic interpretation! Would love to hear/see your poems.




Poetry as Practice

I read and write poetry as a precious healing practice. Here the poet Billy Collins begins with a tongue-in-cheek statement, “The trouble with poetry is….” and then goes on to declare all the benefits and ways he is stretched. I completed the phrase and wrote these few lines to express my sentiments. Maybe you would like to use the same prompt.