From 💔 To ❤️

How do we mend our broken heart?
With loving tenderness towards ourselves.
By accepting our feelings with compassionate care.
I have spent many a nights crying. I made this journal page and wrote about the unpredictability of grief waking me in the middle of the night….sneaking up behind me during the day hitting the back of my knees. You know the feeling?


This is what I do. Try it.

EMBODIED practice~

Place your hands on your heart.
Talk to yourself as if you are comforting a child. ( I felt funny at first)
Say you understand.
Say “I know it hurts”
Say words that express loving kindness.
Stay with your body as long as you need.
Bow to your practice.

The strength is there. Inside your vulnerability. Not a disembodied strength from the outside in…the voice that tells you to “get over it!” It is a sweet strength. Dripping with honey. Inside you.🍯

Tell me your story.❤️

Love, YeYe (my body name)


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