Power to heal

I have been going through another layer of healing. I became impatient that more healing was happening..that somehow I should be finished with all this. “Not this again!” I cried. Does that ever happen to you?

So it was a sweet reminder of the cyclical nature of healing. We have the power to go deeper when strong emotions arise. The key I have learned is to pay attention to the body. Mindfulness helps. There is space between the pain and the future. It is the openness where life is rich with new perspectives..where transformation occurs.

So when I began to cry hard, at first the ego panicked. Then I surrender.

EMBODY (when a strong emotion arises)

Scan the body (where does it hurt?)
Place your hand tenderly where it hurts
Avoid adding a “victim story”
I speak tenderly as if talking to a hurt child (“there, there”)
When you feel complete Bow to your practice.

*The body often gives you a message in this space. A message personal to you. For me it was “Accept yourself”. Fresh. Alive with wonder! Power to heal.


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