Dance. Dance. Dance.

Ever since I was a child, dance was my “go to” for feeling the most connected to myself. I put on my mother’s off white eyelet robe, go outside and dance around the cherry trees. It wasn’t about technique, but rather expression. While I am trained in dance, my favorite to this day is more improvisational.

Also, I connect to something even larger than myself. It feels holy. Sacred.

Feminine. Freeing. Belonging. Beautiful.

So movement is key to my trauma healing and recovering of my original self.

I encourage you to connect to your body in this way. Dance like nobody is watching is a common expression used to encourage us to be free.

I say dance like the whole world is watching and welcoming your existence. Why not?

Simple. Just put on your favorite music and move. Move from the inside out. Feel what’s going on in your body. Pay attention to your mind. Is there any judgement? Just notice. This is your time. Enjoy!

When you are finished just check in with how you are feeling. Yay!

Let me know how it was.
Love, YeYe

From 💔 To â¤ï¸

How do we mend our broken heart?
With loving tenderness towards ourselves.
By accepting our feelings with compassionate care.
I have spent many a nights crying. I made this journal page and wrote about the unpredictability of grief waking me in the middle of the night….sneaking up behind me during the day hitting the back of my knees. You know the feeling?


This is what I do. Try it.

EMBODIED practice~

Place your hands on your heart.
Talk to yourself as if you are comforting a child. ( I felt funny at first)
Say you understand.
Say “I know it hurts”
Say words that express loving kindness.
Stay with your body as long as you need.
Bow to your practice.

The strength is there. Inside your vulnerability. Not a disembodied strength from the outside in…the voice that tells you to “get over it!” It is a sweet strength. Dripping with honey. Inside you.🍯

Tell me your story.❤️

Love, YeYe (my body name)



This is a journal entry created right after I fled an abusive marriage. I read it over and over to help me take the risks I needed to be safe. It wasn’t easy to leave love and security. Yet, the pain of the abuse became greater than both. The day came. Even if it meant being homeless.

May I offer you a simple practice to help you discover any possible “tight bud” where you may need to exchange a comfort zone for the journey to blossom.
Or maybe you just did. Either way, this Embodied Ritual is for.

If I can take the risks so can you.*

Place your hands on your heart.
Breathe in for four.
Breathe out for four.
Check in with your body. What emotions are there? Fear, anxiety, sorrow?
Keep listening to your BODY.
Pay attention to your feelings.
Everything your feeling belongs to you.
For now, begin to accept all your feelings.
Write them down if you choose. {keeping a journal is useful}
Say to yourself.
“All my feelings belong to me.
I will listen to their Truth.”
When you feel you have embodied these words bow to yourself in gratitude.
Love YeYe

*{special note- if it is abuse you are experiencing call a Domestic Violence hotline for support. There are ways to stay safe.}