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Dance. Dance. Dance.

Ever since I was a child, dance was my “go to” for feeling the most connected to myself. I put on my mother’s off white eyelet robe, go outside and dance around the cherry trees. It wasn’t about technique, but rather expression. While I am trained in dance, my favorite to this day is more improvisational.

Also, I connect to something even larger than myself. It feels holy. Sacred.

Feminine. Freeing. Belonging. Beautiful.

So movement is key to my trauma healing and recovering of my original self.

I encourage you to connect to your body in this way. Dance like nobody is watching is a common expression used to encourage us to be free.

I say dance like the whole world is watching and welcoming your existence. Why not?

Simple. Just put on your favorite music and move. Move from the inside out. Feel what’s going on in your body. Pay attention to your mind. Is there any judgement? Just notice. This is your time. Enjoy!

When you are finished just check in with how you are feeling. Yay!

Let me know how it was.
Love, YeYe

New Moon

Today is the day to set intentions. What dreams do you have that lie beneath your surface like seeds below the earth?

Enjoy this movement practice to support your growth.

Hold your hands in prayer position at your heart.

Listen deeply to the whispers of your heart.

Stretch your arms out to the side while saying “I open my heart”.

Pause. Breathe. Imagine the seed holding your dream inside.

Bring your hands back to your heart and cross them there.

Breathe. Imagine your dream growing inside ready to open into a flower

Now if you choose paint a flower in your journal and write your dream down.




Yoga Posture

Here is a yoga posture to help relax the nervous system.
Sit on your mat with your legs extended in front of you.
Stretch your arms above reaching towards the sky. Bend forward slowly from the hips folding your upper body over your extended legs.  Breathe.  Relax into the stretch without putting undue pressure on the lower back. Breathe. Unfold slowly by engaging the abdominal muscles and pressing into your legs for an extra boost.

This calms the parasympathetic nervous system.
It is the opposite of the fight or flight mode we find ourselves in when feeling stressed.
Hope this helps.



Metta Practice

In the Pali language Metta means loving-kindness. Metta practice is the art of cultivating an attitude of  loving-kindness towards oneself and others. The practice is accompanied with phrases to help us pay tender attention. As a dancer, I include gestures with the words.

here it is…. We will begin the Metta practice towards ourselves.
May I be happy {open the arms out wide to the side}
May I be safe {fold the arms around the torso like a hug}
May I be healthy and strong {reach forward wth both arms as if pushing gently through the air}
May I have peace {bring the hands towards the heart in prayer position}

repeat three times/or as many times as you need to feel calm.