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Autumn Equinox

I just returned from four months in the mountains with limited, if any, wi-fi. Just  in time to celebrate my one year of launching this blog last Autumn. I love the change of seasons. They teach us about the rhythms of life.  There are dynamic cycles to everything, including healing from trauma. We are resilient. We change. We let go like autumn leaves. I am letting go of self-criticism. What about you?



Inspirational quote’


This is the quote I added to the meditative background.
Dwelling in the present moment allows us to see beauty we may not
have noticed if we are thinking too much about the past.

Sharon Salzberg, a meditation teacher even says in her book Faith that”just as the world is breathing,the pain is breathing. It’s inhaling and exhaling and there is space between.”

I thought this quote fits since the original art-as-meditation was done with the breath.Inhale we painted. Exhale we painted.
The space between is the present.