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Dance. Dance. Dance.

Ever since I was a child, dance was my “go to” for feeling the most connected to myself. I put on my mother’s off white eyelet robe, go outside and dance around the cherry trees. It wasn’t about technique, but rather expression. While I am trained in dance, my favorite to this day is more improvisational.

Also, I connect to something even larger than myself. It feels holy. Sacred.

Feminine. Freeing. Belonging. Beautiful.

So movement is key to my trauma healing and recovering of my original self.

I encourage you to connect to your body in this way. Dance like nobody is watching is a common expression used to encourage us to be free.

I say dance like the whole world is watching and welcoming your existence. Why not?

Simple. Just put on your favorite music and move. Move from the inside out. Feel what’s going on in your body. Pay attention to your mind. Is there any judgement? Just notice. This is your time. Enjoy!

When you are finished just check in with how you are feeling. Yay!

Let me know how it was.
Love, YeYe


Autumn is my favorite season. Watching the leaves change colors and then letting go of their hold on the branch teaches us so much about the life cycles of change. My focus for this season is on letting go of self criticism and embracing self acceptance. This quality is so important for healing. Will you join me in deepening this practice?



Autumn Equinox

I just returned from four months in the mountains with limited, if any, wi-fi. Just  in time to celebrate my one year of launching this blog last Autumn. I love the change of seasons. They teach us about the rhythms of life.  There are dynamic cycles to everything, including healing from trauma. We are resilient. We change. We let go like autumn leaves. I am letting go of self-criticism. What about you?




I am wondering if you have discovered your strengths inside you since your trauma! Have you noticed your resilience? Or your ability to set boundaries. Or all the ways you have continued to create what matters to you most! I offer my art for you to use as a mirror for your resilience because I believe in you!