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Four Elements

Nature is always a reliable healing presence for me.

I often include some reference to it in my writing.

Writing prompt: Complete this phrase “and I will”…..with a statement inspired by each of the four elements, one per line.

Earth, Water, Fire, Air.

Full permission for artistic interpretation! Would love to hear/see your poems.




A Wild River in Me

I needed to make a major decision in my life that was causing great grief. It was nearly impossible to make because of my sadness. So I prayed. When I prayed and attended to my sadness in a tender way I was able to go deep to discover the strength inside me to move forward. This poem reflects the process. Hope this inspires you in some way. Peace, Jo




es, trauma is about loss.  Loss of a loved one maybe or
even of one’s sense of self or safety.  It is valuable to pay attention
to our feelings.  It is a sign of self-respect.  Take care.

I find gratitude is good medicine for grief. We don’t escape the pain
but we can still discover beauty and meaning in our current life. It is a
healing salve. How about making a gratitude collage.

Poetry Prompt

Let’s continue with the Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Poem by adding the second line.

Today my name is………………………….
{fill in the blank with your favorite color and favorite object.  You might want to add some other spicey words to describe the object.}

How people come from delight or the scars of damage to the comfort of a poem.
Mary Oliver